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February 2020


With an overflowing heart, Bryan and I are so proud to announce our latest and youngest Serendipity Sipper…. Our Grandson. His loving parents Valcher and Darcey have already had him out to the vineyard and he loves being outside soaking up that fresh air. Not to mention his Paw Paw has had him in the mule. His Auntie Mandy, Uncle Brice, Great Grandparents, family and friends are crazy in love with him, we can only imagine the day he is running up and down the rows of vines playing in the dirt being a sweet little boy. For now, we are soaking up every bit of him being

Love to explore! Had a sunshiney beautiful day in the Yountville - St Helena - Calistoga area. Started our day with a delicious cup of coffee and pastry from Bouchon Bakery in the heart of Yountville, then boarded the Trolley for a day of fun. First stop was Castello di Amorosa for a 2 hour tour - one word….. FABULOUS! Bryan and I first visited when it opened in 2007, there was still quite a bit of construction going on. The tour, the guide (Joe), the wines and the ambiance were truly amazing. I was excited to try the Vermentino as it truly is one of my favorite whites

Although we are still in the midst of our winter season, we are taking full advantage of the sunshine weather mother nature is providing for us and getting a few much needed tasks done in the vineyard. While the vines are still taking a siesta, we’ve begun adding 4” J clips and VS cross arm to run wire through. There are several types of trellising systems, however, this is the one Bryan felt he wanted to implement at our vineyard. Once bud break takes place and the vines begin to showcase their gorgeous leaves, we will position the shoots of the vines to grow up in between the

Even though Bryan and I are opening a winery, we still enjoy visiting various wine regions and drinking other wines. We love the diversity in wine, the various methods used by winemakers and the intricate details that make each wine unique in its own way. We currently have a total of 9 wine producers here in East Contra Costa County which represent our area very well. In Brentwood we have Nunn Family Vineyards, McCauley Estate Vineyards, Tamayo Family Vineyards, Hannah Nicole Vineyards and Bloomfield Vineyards. In Oakley we have Favalora Vineyards Winery, in Knightsen we have Petersen Vineyards, in Byron we have Campos Family Vineyards and Martinez we

This is the 2nd year we have attended the wine symposium, it truly is a playground of fun for wineries and wine makers. From barrels, bottles, labels to tanks and everything and anything you could possibly be interested in is there. We always find it interesting to see the oak barrel systems companies introduce. The system which intrigued Bryan the most this year, was a French Oak spin barrel. With this system, barrel fermentation is made to be much easier and functional. The coolest and most impressive booth there was a French oak sphere by Galil Mountain Winery. It was not only a conversation piece, but a gorgeous