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2020 Sacramento Wine Symposium

This is the 2nd year we have attended the wine symposium, it truly is a playground of fun for wineries and wine makers. From barrels, bottles, labels to tanks and everything and anything you could possibly be interested in is there. We always find it interesting to see the oak barrel systems companies introduce. The system which intrigued Bryan the most this year, was a French Oak spin barrel. With this system, barrel fermentation is made to be much easier and functional. The coolest and most impressive booth there was a French oak sphere by Galil Mountain Winery. It was not only a conversation piece, but a gorgeous functional art piece. Each stave is steamed over a period of time to achieve the desired curve. Absolutely gorgeous! According to the rep at the show, there are only 3 in the world at this point.

I enjoy watching how intrigued Bryan, Brice, Valcher and Paul are in researching things we may feel could be useful to our winery.