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Lucier Family Vineyards
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Our Wines


Sauvignon Blanc

Tasting notes of our Sauvignon Blanc are guava on the nose with pineapple and citrus finish. The high alcohol content gives the perception of sweetness, but this wine has no residual sugar.

Alcohol 15.85



Our Vermentino aroma has a note of Jack fruit, A relative of figs and breadfruit, jackfruit grows in tropical areas of Southeast Asia, Brazil, and Africa. ripe jackfruit has a surprisingly sweet flavor like a combination of mango, pineapple, and banana, or in other words, exactly like Juicy Fruit gum. Our Vermentino is soft on the pallet with the acid revealing itself as it leaves your mouth. We are the only winery in East Contra Costa Country that grows and produces this wine.

Alcohol 13.47



Our Chardonnay is barrel fermented and aged on the lees for 9 months with no secondary malolactic fermentation. This method produces a soft introduction to the pallet, with tasting notes of green apple and a crisp white nectarine finish.

Alcohol 14.5


Rose’ All Day

Our Rose’ is a blend of Sangiovese and Vermentino. Tasting notes are Strawberry on the nose, pomegranate, tart cherry with a fruit-forward dry finish. Our Rose’ has no residual sugar.

Alcohol 14.87

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