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HomeBlogOur newest Serendipity Sipper……. our Grandson!

Our newest Serendipity Sipper……. our Grandson!

With an overflowing heart, Bryan and I are so proud to announce our latest and youngest Serendipity Sipper…. Our Grandson. His loving parents Valcher and Darcey have already had him out to the vineyard and he loves being outside soaking up that fresh air. Not to mention his Paw Paw has had him in the mule. His Auntie Mandy, Uncle Brice, Great Grandparents, family and friends are crazy in love with him, we can only imagine the day he is running up and down the rows of vines playing in the dirt being a sweet little boy. For now, we are soaking up every bit of him being a baby <3.

Such a blessing!