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Exciting times continue at the Vineyard

Bryan and I are over joyed with the progress at the vineyard. Its’ so rewarding to see our vision unfold. To think this time next year we will be basking in the joy of hosting tastings, events and making memories with our “Serendipity Sippers” all within the relaxing ambience we have worked so hard to create.

So much has taken place since my last blog. To date we have received our Sellers permit, TTB license, and building permit. Our ABC license and Conditional Use Permit are still in process – we are in hopes these are received within the next month or so.

As far as improvements on the property;

“Little house on the vineyard” – landscape is complete and growing beautifully

Entry – All roses have been planted at the street side of the fence; olive trees and rose ground cover are planted along the driveway entrance. The walls at the main entrance are complete and the cork oak trees have been planted. A fun little side note; the roses chosen for the front are Mr. Lincoln which are a beautiful red and Mr. Kennedy which is a very bright white. Yet again, making it clear we are proud to be Americans.

As far as the building of the winery itself, necessary inspections for the foundation have passed and concrete is scheduled to pour on June 5th. Once the foundation is poured, the building itself will begin going up.

The garden area is coming along. We’ve begun building 2 of the 6 raised garden beds. Once complete we will begin working on the green house. All the apple trees have been planted, we already have some apples hanging on those ever so precious tree limbs. Although we only intend on doing no more than 10 weddings a year as weddings wont really be our main focus, the garden area will serve as our primary wedding site seating up to 175 guests. It will also serve as our wine club members dining area.

Three weeping willow trees have been planted to honor our 3 children Darcey, Brice and Mandy. One of the trees will serve as a secondary wedding site seating approximately 50-100 guests.

Our vines, our sweet glorious absolutely gorgeous vines are growing by the day. To see the little grapes already beginning to hang on the vines is exciting. If you remember from a few blogs ago, we purchased uber vines. Meaning the root stock was already 1 1/2 years old and then the varietal itself was grafted to the top of it. As of now our vines are “technically” 2 1/2 years old. So we are pretty hopeful there will be some fruit to harvest this year. Of course the fruit needs to be of great quality fo make great wine so we will be very picky.

All the varietal signs are in and the wine barrels are filled with beautiful flowers – ready for a “selfy” <3

Its surreal as there are so many stages of this journey and we are always so grateful for those that continue to help us, send us messages of encouragement and sharing in our excitement – we couldn’t do it alone!