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Serendipity Cellars Winter Work Day

Although we are still in the midst of our winter season, we are taking full advantage of the sunshine weather mother nature is providing for us and getting a few much needed tasks done in the vineyard. While the vines are still taking a siesta, we’ve begun adding 4” J clips and VS cross arm to run wire through. There are several types of trellising systems, however, this is the one Bryan felt he wanted to implement at our vineyard. Once bud break takes place and the vines begin to showcase their gorgeous leaves, we will position the shoots of the vines to grow up in between the wires and allow them to canopy over. The canopy of the vines is crucial as it plays a key role in light energy capture via photosynthesis. Canopy management is an important aspect of viticulture due to its effect on grape yields, quality, vigor and the prevention of grape diseases. An ideal canopy is said to be a few lateral shoots, shoots with big leaves, moderate internodes and a length of 4-5 feet. This is a very labor intensive process but as most winemakers will tell you “great wines are made in the vineyard”.

As in the past, we are blessed with friends and family coming out for the day to lend a hand. We truly enjoy working in the vineyard and nurturing the vines, but doing it with friends and family definitely makes it a lot more fun and sweeter.