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HomeBlogReady to leap into our first “commercial” harvest…..

Ready to leap into our first “commercial” harvest…..

Our first commercial harvest was all we could ask for and then some. As always, the help of family and friends overwhelms our hearts with all the kindness and love. We have been blessed with so many kind, giving and oh so fun people in our lives.

Our morning began by meeting at the little “shit shed” at 6:00am and began harvesting Sauvignon Blanc at a friends vineyard at 6:30am. It worked out perfect for this to be our smallest harvest of the season as we weren’t real successful in figuring out the new equipment the night before. It’s funny how things work out sometimes, here we have all this gorgeous equipment and we ended up using the crusher and press we’ve used for years as a home winemaker. Bryan and I both felt it was a right of passage, bringing some of the old values and methods with us as we transform into the new.

The Sauvignon Blanc was harvested at our friends beautiful vineyard. It just so happened Bryan tested the Sauvignon Blanc on our vineyard and it was ready to be harvested as well. it was a small amount as the Sauvignon Blanc grapes are still young, but it was fun to have our vineyard contribute a little something to the first harvest.

The toast to the harvest and all those who shared in this with us was truly from the heart as we are so grateful. The laughter, the stories and reminiscing on how this all began made the day all the more special. The first harvest as a commercial winery will forever hold a special place in our hearts. its’ looking as though we will be harvesting our Vermentino varietal next weekend. There is a lot of fabulous fruit on the vines. This varietal is thriving.