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Our Sweet Brix

I’ve had so much fun blogging about the progress of the vineyard and the building of the winery, we have been on such a high of goodness and so many reasons to smile. Aside from spending time with family and friends, one of our favorite pass times was watching our 2 puppies Brix and Tannin have so much fun run around. We were quickly reminded, no matter how much training, even though we love them and treat them like our babies, animals will still be animals. On the eve of June 13th, we were blind sided by the feeling of tragic loss as our hearts were shattered and our smiles turned into tears as our sweet Brix was hit by a car. The loss of Brix has been a really hard and devastating feeling our hearts are struggling with. It was really hard to go back to the vineyard without crying and being sad. Then my very sweet husband reminded me of how happy Brix was every time she was at the property and that is what we need to hold onto. Brix loved to run around the pond chasing her sister and our daughters dog Meechi. Tannin loves to hunt the shadows of moths, butterflies and anything that flies while Brix loved to hunt Tannin. The 3 of them were quite a source of comical entertainment.

Our hearts (Tannins too) are still healing and we are trying to maneuver our way through the new normal without her. She truly was a special puppy and her memory will forever be with us.

Love you forever Brixie girl.