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June 2020

I’ve had so much fun blogging about the progress of the vineyard and the building of the winery, we have been on such a high of goodness and so many reasons to smile. Aside from spending time with family and friends, one of our favorite pass times was watching our 2 puppies Brix and Tannin have so much fun run around. We were quickly reminded, no matter how much training, even though we love them and treat them like our babies, animals will still be animals. On the eve of June 13th, we were blind sided by the feeling of tragic loss as our hearts were shattered and

One of the many moments we find so glorious at the vineyard is how the sunsets continue to take our breath away. You never know what the sky is going to deliver. Just when you think it’s the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen, you are gifted yet another. I find the sunsets to be calming and a time to reflect on all the beauty GOD has truly graced us with and continues to grace us with. Especially in the times we are currently living, the strokes in the sky of all the warm loving colors. The strokes of reds, yellows and oranges warm your heart and soul. [ngg

In keeping with the theme of creating an ambiance of relaxation, convenience and an overall joyful place to gather, we decided to incorporate a grain silo on the property. After searching for the perfect silo, Bryan located one in Kentucky, yes Kentucky! After speaking with the person selling the silo, he (his name is Zac) offered to deliver it to us here in California. The silo has made it to the Serendipity property and we just can’t say enough about what wonderful people Zac and his travel buddy Chris are. Only regret is we didn’t get to spend a little more time with them. We are excited about