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HomeBlogSerendipity Chardonnay Harvest, September 15th

Serendipity Chardonnay Harvest, September 15th

Such a glorious morning to harvest the succulent and juicy fruit grown by Tom and Becky Bloomfield. This is the 4th year we have purchased grapes from Bloomfield Vineyards. Bloomfield produces such amazing fruit and Bryan has made such award winning wines that he has received a Gold Medal and Best of Show at Alameda County and a Gold Medal and Best of Class at the Lodi Bottle Shock competitions over the past 4 years.. Always so grateful for the family and friends that show up to help us harvest, crush and press.

Excited for what this harvest of Chardonnay will come to be in a bottle…. Cheers!


(Pictured below: Beautiful Bloomfield Vineyard Chardonnay grapes)