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 I find myself thinking about the morning Bryan and I along with friends and family anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first 3 varietals of grapes, Sangiovese, Vermentino and Tempranillo.  It seemed as though we had waited an eternity for the ground to be ready for the vines to be planted.  It truly took a village to set every end post, anchor, rebar, t-post and 20 miles of wire.  As the truck pulled in the overwhelming feeling of “this is really happening” came over us.   As the vines were coming off the truck we were elated by how much greenery was on each vine.  The look on Bryans’ face is something I will always cherish, his dream of 11 years was becoming a reality.  My mom had her bottle of holy water and was blessing the vines.   Those who had worked so hard for so many months, day in and day out were there to bask in the feeling of gratification.  To see these vines placed in the soil by the people who have been with us from the beginning made the planting even more special.  I can honestly say its’ been a labor of labor.  A true appreciation for farming has been cast on all of us.  We have always known how to work hard in life, but we didn’t have the hands on experience to truly appreciate the depth of intensity and passion farming takes.  To put it into perspective, it took us over ½ a year to prepare the soil to plant 10 acres of vines.  Imagine the farmers who are preparing hundreds and thousands of acres.  The love to support not only local farmers but farmers across the nation has really become important to us. 

I clearly remember how glorious the sunset was that evening and how our hearts overflowed.