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The meaning behind the name…

SERENDIPITY CELLARS  I’ve already shared with you how we came about our passion for wine making.  Back in 2005, Bryan and I had made a decision to create a flyer to send out to 2500 recipients to promote our artistic concrete side of the business. The morning the Ceja family received our flyer but hadn’t realized it yet, they had just finished a meeting and decided to try and find an artist which could engrave their beautiful timeless logo in the concrete of their tasting area. As the story unfolded, the opportunity to engrave the tasteful and unique 8’ in diameter logo in the center of their exterior tasting area was very exciting. It allowed Bryan and I to showcase not only his artistic ability but to bring to life something so special to a beautiful family. To sweeten the story just a little bit, out of the 2500 mailers sent, the Ceja Family was the one and only to respond.   Shortly after completing the job, Bryan, myself and our kids began having picnics at their place and just stopping by to say hello.  We shared the love we had for the Ceja Family with many of our family and friends who soon fell in love with their wines as well. As Bryan and I attended events, Amelia Ceja would introduce Bryan as the artist who did the logo and how our relationship with them is Serendipitous.  The definition of Serendipity (serendipitous) is the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.  Amelia couldn’t have been more correct. 

I believe the name Serendipity Cellars could not be any more perfect.       

Make sure to visit Ceja Vineyards and indulge in all of their delicious wines. https://www.cejavineyards.com/

(Pictured below: Bryan engraving the beautiful logo)